Dedicated Virgin Slave

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Empress Mika

American / USA
268 5.0
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Flamingoro - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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This video is truly a gift for all virgin slaves like myself. Princess graciously reminds us that giving up any chance at a normal life in exchange for serving Her is the greatest reward a virgin can ever hope for. And She is right, serving Her is the only thing that gives my life any worth or meaning. She owns me completely and I would not have it any other way.

DrWangFei deleted - Top reviewer Oct 21 2017
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Great video! <3

You are not only My dedicated slave, but you are also My virgin fucking loser as well. You know by now that you will never get laid because that is a privilege only real men are allowed. But just for fun, forget for a minute that you will never be allowed to touch a women and let us pretend that by some small miracle you actually find a girl who wants to fuck you. Do you think you would even know what to do? Of course not! You have been fucking your own fist for so long that I doubt you would even be able to cum without touching yourself! LOL! But! You should not be too sad about this because you are MY dedicated little virgin slave and we both know your desire to serve Me is so much greater than your desire for a normal life. You do not want to be normal, you want to serve Me. So, just in case you are having any doubts, let Me take a minute to remind you exactly why it is that your life is better spent as My virgin slave... Become More Addicted: Fetishes: Virgin Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, Edging, Masturbation Encouragement, Cum Countdown, Mental Domination, Lingerie, Bra & Panties, Thong, Tease and Denial, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FinDom, Money Fetish, Brat Girls, Cock Tease, Female Domination, FemDom, FemDom POV, Half Asian, Goddess Worship, Princess