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New Vibrating Wand


Studio XXX

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I had bought a new and very powerful vibrating wand to use on my very demanding female clients at my Happy Endings Massage parlour, but before I put it into use at my salon I really must test it out to ensure it is fit for purpose, so to speak. But first I take off my uniform, and I hope you like my sexy Purple underwear not that I keep that on for long as I rub the wand over my body and between my tits eventually finding its way between my legs which feels so good, so it’s knickers off and time to get down to some serious playtime. I rub the wand between my pussy lips and I feel the flesh quiver as I press harder and harder against my clit which really feels good, I spread my legs wider and wider and tease my pussy with the wand turning it up to a faster and more powerful setting sending waves of pleasure through my body, I push the wand hard against my clit and I reach a fantastic climax squirting all over the place. I certainly give this piece of equipment my seal of approval. Auntie Trisha xxx