Kristie Bish
Freebie Tuesday

Exciting October #FreebieTuesday

330 4.4


330 4.4
2:42 min - Oct 17 - .MP4 - 390.00 MB - 1920x1080 HD
Arikajira - Top reviewer Oct 28
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Great Video, Well Done

Jasem2211 deleted - Top reviewer Nov 1
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Wetstephanie - Top reviewer Oct 26
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always great to see liv

JohnDoeDong - Top reviewer Oct 17
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Definatly gettin a raffle ticket

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Technical issue with this file. Video just plays black screen. No reflection on Lovely Liv who is amazing.

thanks for letting me know i'll fix it asap

Happy Freebie Tuesday! October is super exciting! I love Halloween and fall in general so I'm going balls to the wall! I won some contests and posted an article to manyvids and some on my patreon so keep and eye on that
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