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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD -  Draped in a tight spandex red dress I lick these red lips and moan sweet JOI nothings. Arousing your manhood is too easy, keeping you from cumming too soon is the hard part. Smacking my ass and twisting this skinny waist, all you can imagine is how soft and wet this pussy might be. Teasing you with glimpses of whats underneath my dress. You're eyes are planted on these phat cheeks, so plump and yummy I wish I could eat my own ass in this one.Licking these pouty lips as I serve you instructions. Don't you dare cum before I count you down.. Wait for iiiit... This booty clapping underneath my dress will only make it harder, but when I finally do let you cum down, it'll be magical. Seriously, cum droplets straight from heaven.. MY cheeks looks delicious and super phat in this clip, definitely a new personal fave. Keep your wet wipes handy :)   THIS CLIP ALSO FUCKS THE GIRL IN THE ICE CREAM TRUCK ON TOP OF THE CHOCOLATE POPS FOR: ASS WORSHIP - UPSKIRT - JOI - MOANING - BOOTY CLAPPING - ASS SMACKING - DIRTY TALK - CUM COUNTDOWN