My Champagne & caviar slave

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Irish / Ireland/Europe
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This clip starts as I finish off My last cup of tea, I have had so many! I'm going to lead you ON your KNEES to My bathroom. YES! That's right slave, every slaves dream is about to com the true and you're the first, it's about time I lowered you down to the lowest of low of slaves. BUT...Do you really think your worthy of drinking My waste and eating My waste? Well slave? I actually think you're only worthy of licking and eating My waste from My boots and that's it! you're a piece of crap anyway, and I don't think crap eats crap does it. Are you good enough for have Me squatting above your open mouth and use you as My toilet, My divine champagne all over your face and flowing down your throat? Or eating My crap directly out of the toilet bowl? I don't think so, so you better buy this clip NOW to find out...p!.ss pig