I can make you cum & eat it



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You are so easy to turn on and manipulate...I can make you do anything including eating your cum. Pussy is power and I know how to use my sexuality to control you....to make you do things you might have not done before. Besides just look at you staring at my curvy body, big boobs and my crotchless body-stocking which exposes my perfect pierced pussy....you are unable to say no and you don't want to anyways. You are so proud of your penis for getting hard and want to show me how hard i make it. You're willing to do anything for me.....from worshiping my ass to eating your cum! Yes you WILL eat your cum for me. It doesn't taste that bad and you're curious about it anyways so go ahead and get into position. Impress me with your eagerness to please me. Lay back spread your legs and follow how I position my legs...I want your legs way back