Sarah Brooke desperate yoga instructor



Canadian / Las Vegas
11:15 min - Oct 18 - .WMV - 268.73 MB


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Sarah is a sexy fit new teacher at your yoga class & she's been looking uncomfortable during the last half of the yoga class. Once it's time to wind down with some stretching, you see her quickly grab her crotch!! OMG, maybe she has to pee and THAT'S why she has a weird look on her face! She's very fidgetty and when she bends in half at the waist, she's got a secret back there: she leaked some pee out & it's visible from the back but you can't see it yet from the front! Uh oh.... how is she going to hide that? She has to turn around at some point to finish the stretches & everyone will see the wet spot on her crotch!! She can hear some whispers in the class already, about her weird behavior. She goes into a lunge position but she feels her pee coming out onto the mat!! It's a big stream & it's splashing on the mat, making a big puddle as she covers her mouth in shame. She can't believe she just peed her tight yoga pants in front of everyone! Great behind the scenes of her showing her thin nude pissy underwear in this real female desperation video