Nutcracker Princess



Irish / Ireland/Europe
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DROP to your knees slave, you have fucked up! you didn't perform well as My slave, worthless scum! Not worthy of licking My boots. Spread your legs a accept punishment! I OWN you, I own those balls right there and I OWN you! And I demand you OBEY! I give your life meaning, your My slave and property, so kiss & lick My boots! I'm going to be busting those pathetic ball with these beautiful riding boots you have just kissed! you will not need your balls as My slave! you WILL be humble, obedient and work like a slave to prove to My your worthy. you WILL take any punishment I give, as you just a slave to Me, you belong in My garbage bin! Mayby I will one of those balls and leave you just one? Listen carefully as I pop your ball and leave you one! Ewww ball goo all over My stunning riding boots