College Girl Sells You Her Worn Panties



American / Las Vegas
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Your hot blonde college student next-door neighbor Sierra stops by to tell you about a fundraiser she is doing for her sorority. She is selling some of her old clothing items: panties and shoes... WORN DIRTY PANTIES AND SHOES! She knew you would be interested because you are a dirty pervert. She normally sells them for $5 each but for you, knowing how badly you must want them, its $200. You try to get her to lower the price but she dangles the panties in front of your face and the aroma of college girl panties makes you feel weak and dizzy. You want them. You NEED those panties! You tell her you want the whole box. She tells you that for a little more ($2,000) you can buy the panties she is wearing RIGHT NOW. She pulls down her shorts and to make your humiliation a little worse, she makes you beg for them. She giggles as you beg.. she knows she has you wrapped around her little finger. She takes off her panties and spreads her HOT young ass right in your face. She orders you to sniff her asshole. She laughs as you eagerly do it.. she tells you "come on.. do what you are told!". She tells you that you are a good boy as you sniff her asshole.. she calls you a freak and tells you to lick it.. you feel all willpower draining away.. you belong to her now! She makes you lick her asshole and then her pussy and dirty feet... you are happy to obey like a good bitch! In the end, she makes you jerk off as she counts down... HOT CLIP