Freebie Tuesday

Foot Slave interview with Laurenlouise



British / U.K.
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Look at you, such a silly little loser constantly grovelling, begging, so desperate to serve me. You really are quite pathetic aren’t you. Do you really think you are worthy of serving ME? The truth is I have a lot of losers messaging me daily, all so eager so desperate to serve me but I only have room for one more slave am afraid. That’s why I am conducting interviews, so I can find a loyal obedient little pet that is worthy of serving me. As MY slave you will be expected to cook for me, clean for me and do whatever it is I ask to be done. I can see in your eyes how desperate you are to be MY little bitch. I think you should prove yourself to me. I want you on your hands and knees worshiping MY PERFECT feet like the loser you are. I want to see how dedicated you are, how committed you are to being MY slave. Once I own you there is no turning back. You are mine forever and you will serve ME and ME alone till your dying day. So then let’s see if you are worthy of being called MY slave