Wife's Boss Knows You're a Cuck

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346 5.0
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doomsday3m - Top reviewer Jul 6
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Nikki is a smoking HOT boss! The black skirt, white top, black panties, red bra, stockings topped off with the sexy glasses! Nikki’s seduces you with her storytelling and striptease and teases and lured you in to wanting more! Nikki lies back and rubs her beautiful pink love near and what made this sexy for me was Nikki, legs spread wide open with her panties hanging on her leg...image is sensual and arousing! Well done!

Your wife is out for the night. Like usual. Why is her boss at your house? She tells you she knows all about how you are a cuck for your wife. Actually, she knows all the dirty details because your wife is fucking a co-worker and their performances are slipping. She'll let it slide if they tell her all the naughty details and she can watch you stroke your lonely cock while re-tells their naughty stories. I touch myself and cum while telling you about the first time your wife fucked "Trevor" -- her younger, well equipped co- worker while telling you to stroke and cum as I do