GFE with Paige Erin Turner - Part 2



American / Atlanta
11:38 min - Oct 18 - .MP4 - 880.16 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Take yourself on the adventure of being Paige Erin Turner's boyfriend. You'll see various parts of your relationship - her getting ready to go out, coffee on the front porch that becomes ultra sexy, her breaking the news that she's pregnant, her doing the dishes and deciding to strip down and take a shower, her getting mad a you for sleepin in and forgetting to pay the bills, her getting in the car next to you ready to go to a party and finally her bringing you to the bedroom and having hot sex with you, starting with you going down on her sweet pussy (she's sporting a cute triangle bush) and then her going down on you and then getting on top of her and making her cum so well. And then you lay next to her and she stares into your eyes and smiles and tells you how talented you are at sex