Sex Dream Made Me Squirt 3 Times n a Row


Rhiannon Rain

American / Malibu
3:40 min - Oct 18 - .MP4 - 21.68 MB - 272x480


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I had a sex dream last night. In my dream, a magic man of a sex god came to me. He touched me with hands that sent sexual energy all into my body and fucked me. He wanted answers from me. I gave them to him. How could I not? His touch made me weak and took over my mind and body. When he got the answers, he stopped fucking me. He left me wanting and craving more. He told me, "I bet you're not used to getting what you want". So I awoke from my dream so sexually charged and horny. I couldn't wait to masturbate and please my sad pussy. I squirted three times in a row. Gushing cum. I also haven't had sex in 50 days, so that could explain all my pent up sexual frustration. Cum watch my release