Lingerie Dance/Strip w dirty talk custom

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463 5.0
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technicaal - Top reviewer Jan 6
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DAMN. Hands down one of the hottest videos I've seen on here. This girl is an absolute natural!! Aside from her body, which is pretty much an example of feminine perfection in my opinion, she's got a gorgeously dangerous looking face and her eyes like daggers for the soul. This video would be worth it at 3x the price :D

Wow thank you so much! :D

quot;Looking for a 15min custom video of you modelling/stripping 4-5 sets of your sexiest lingerie/panties/body suits,garters ideally crotchless/lace/seetru. With each piece, I would like you to dance seductively (including slow up and down squats, pussy spreading, slow grinding of hips, striptease, lapdance). Model the lingerie in different poses. You can cut into each lingerie or change on camera. Some dirty talk/joi. including things like commenting on how the lingerie looks on you or feels on you, asking the viewer to look at your body.and your pussy Masturbation/teasing with fingers and/or toys over lingerie and with lingerie pulled aside, while dancing Important, Camera is to focus on full body shots showing your face, from the front. Some pieces you can change the camera to be from a lower angle.&quot