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How can just a simple piece of fabric look so sensual over my enchanting noisy farts? That is because I do make them irresistible! Every time I rip one of my spontaneous farts under them, you can hear that beautiful melody in your ears. Of course you will watch how my farts run away from them like wiggling snakes. Don´t miss this sexy farting compilation about my hot thongs and pants being bombed by my energetic flatulences. They are their guards, but they can´t do anything to stop them. My farts know how to evade them, just playing that unmistakable music: my clothing will vibrate like the most exquisite symphony. It is just magic between my legs and you are now the privileged witness to enjoy them in first row. Let yourself be amazed by their overwhelming charm. Eight genuine farts from eight varied clips in some of my hottest thongs and pants. Yes, my "caught in the air" farts, together with my delicate lingerie: a sexy combination which will fascinate your senses. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: life is full of wonderful contrasts! HIGHLIGHTED: Beethoven would languish... INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW