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Flirting With The Wrong Girl



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You wake up locked up in a room and bound. You're on the floor, feeling like crap. The woman above you must have led you on, and she confirms this by letting you know that there's no way out and she put something in your cup earlier. She's familiar - you tried to fuck her girlfriend at a party previously. This is why you're here. She pokes fun over the idea that you think you could be with her girlfriend in any capacity. You were pretty toasty, but that doesn't dismiss or excuse anything you said. The woman before you is very aware of what kind of man you think you are - the kind who can change her girlfriend, give her the dick and make her want more. Nope. You're that confident, huh? Think you can really give a woman exactly what she needs? You're in for a test. If you make her cum through her jeans, you must be pretty fucking magical - and she'll LET you date her girlfriend. That is, if you can even break free of the ass that ultimately sits right on your face. If it weren't for the stinky jeans, the smelly farts, and the talking down to you... these things run through your mind, but you won't find out. She never expected you to leave. No chance