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Russian Interrogation



American / Fetish Land
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Ahh look, you're awake now. Do you remember how you got here? No, it's very unlikely that you do. Right now, you're mine. By the time I'm through with you, you'll want to chop your cock off. WHY ARE YOU IN RUSSIA? Do not tell me it is because of a "family vacation" - this is fake, this is lies. Putin has sent me specifically to make you TALK. Sure, you'll have some fun for a little while, having this sexy Russian woman hovering above you. Your dick will get so rock hard, even as I gag and beat you... but after so much anguish, you will start to cry. Your body will shut down. But me? I could go on for days and days. I'm not even going to touch that pathetic thing in your pants - I'm going to whip your thighs raw. You will survive this, sure... but you'll be living without your cock when it's all said and done. There will be no purpose to your already pathetic life. Enjoy this while you can. It probably won't last long