Self Belly Punching Begs 4 Cum on Belly

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Brittany Lynn is naked and looks as hot as ever. She is lying on her bed and talking sensually to you. She tells you she knows want you want to do to her. She knows you want to get a little rough with her and she is okay with that. In fact, she wants to show you exactly what she'd like you to do to her. She balls up her fist and goes from sweet to intense as she starts to do some self belly punching. She hits her tight and sexy belly over and over with her balled up fist. She does not hold back either, hitting herself so hard in the belly she lifts herself off the bed. She uses each fist for the belly punching and continues to tell you, and show you, how she wants you to treat her. She loves being punched in the belly and she keeps on hitting herself in the belly. She then shows off the belly punching close up as she continues to really nail herself in the tummy. She continues to vary her hands with the belly punching and even uses both hands to do some double belly punching, all in an effort to show you want she wants you to do in the worst way. Once she has really leveled herself to the point where she is trying to catch her breath she shows off her belly to you. Her belly is as red as an apple and she tells you that once you make her belly so red by punching it she will then want your cum. She begs for your cumshot on her red belly as she wants to rub that hot jizz all over her now red and sore belly. Then, she tells you that she will want you to punch her one last time, just for good measure. Included in this clip: Belly Punching, Punching, Tight Tummy, Belly, Tummy, Self Belly Punching, Red Belly, Red Tummy, Big Tits, Rough, Rough Blonde, Blondes, Brittany Lynn