My Good Heel Bitch



American / Neverland
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I know what makes you weak: the sight of a sexy pair of heels, long, sharp, and dangerous. And worn by a superior woman, wicked and merciless - a queen sitting upon her throne. One glimpse and you're fucked. You can't look away from My sexy heels, My silky stockings, My luscious legs. You're addicted. I want you to fall on your knees like the proper heel bitch you are, and crawl to Me. Beg Me for the chance to touch them, beg for the chance to worship them, beg for one more glimpse of their sexy perfection. I want to hear the desperation in your voice, while I laugh in your face, while I tease you with these tall, black heels. You're disgusting, bitchboy. But you can't help yourself. You're nothing but My good heel bitch