Enchanted by the Evil Queen



American / Neverland
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Your kingdom has fallen and now I sit upon the throne. I am your new Queen, wrapped in shadows and cold, menacing beauty. You can feel My power, curling through your head - you can sense the danger you are in. Fall upon your knees, fool. Kneel before My magnificence, and beg for mercy. Perhaps I can find a use for you. Not as a loyal subject - for that suggests you are somehow equal to the others of My court. No, you're far too inferior for that. You can be My pet - My new toy, one of My possessions. Enslaved, body and soul. You cannot resist, pet. My voice curls through your mind, echoing with power. You can sense the magic radiating through every syllable, twining through your thoughts. Your conscious mind unfurls, opening to My suggestions. You are so weak for Me. My beauty is enchanting and My words produce waves of pleasure, shuddering through your body. It feels so good to serve Me, pet. It feels to good to give in, to succumb to My wishes. Nothing else matters now. Only Me. I am your everything. I am your world. I am your eternal Dark Queen