Wet Edging and Cum

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285 5.0
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Pleasuring a woman properly is an absolutely critical skill in this world and for my money you can't do that until you witness how she masturbates. And this "secret" self-pleasure window into Elle's world is exactly that!

Careful though, watching her, you like me are gonna wanna drink from her cup like none other, but if you look carefully her flower appears as "pitcher" plant with similar sweet wet sticky fluid in her vase so "Handle with Care!" Young Grasshopper! -Lest you be lost for life!

Her PCG flexing is absolutely fantastic; her spread shown vestibule an accessible feast for your eyes, Elle pleasures her pearl and the priceless ecstatic expressions on her face will leave you dreaming of what she's fantasizing in her own mind!

Whatever worlds Elle enters you can tell it works for her as her wonder waters flow like flocks of those on feathered wings her wetness copious; from her entry louvers unlike her deepest vase, a much more viscous girl goo almost gelatinous string...by the end all I know is that I don't care where she introduces or injects it, I want Elle's pleasure love nectar and her DNA inside me!

:o <3 omg :)

mecho11 - Top reviewer Oct 20
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Ellis is just adorable spread out naked rubbing her clit with earnest intensity! She masturbates to ORGASM and her facial reactions are a joy to watch. The close-ups are a little too lengthy, but I'm face centric. The camera framing is excellent with her face, button nipples, cute clit, and fingers together for the party. And what a one girl party she truly is...Well done. I hope she cums every day!

Puma619 May 2
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Nice clit head...u rub so intense....love it

This is another one of my genuine masturbation videos, where there's no fake moans or strokes here. I just play with my clit and open up my pussy just the way that I like it, so that you can enjoy my pleasurable moans and touches. I pull the camera closer for the last 4 minutes so you can see how wet and sloppy my pussy gets when I edge. Then you get to experience the orgasm of a lifetime right up close to you. Can you imagine licking me while I cum? ;) I can