Quick cum on the couch

580 5.0

Alexis Rose

Canadian / Canada
580 5.0
6:57 min - Oct 18 - .MOV - 754.14 MB


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Startingallover deleted - Top reviewer Jan 26
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The fact that you are doing this on your family couch is such a TURN ON! I liked how you ended it!!

dutchlongarm deleted - Top reviewer Dec 29
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Love that look with you not wearing a bra and the nipples really hard. Super sexy. Another great vid.

Scansin Nov 20
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You'll see breathtaking o faces as she pounds herself. You'll find it to be possibly her best video yet. If you've not bought her content, why haven't you?

endlessgin - Top reviewer Oct 23
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As the title says, it's a quick cum on the couch, but when the girl's as lovely as Lexi, it's always worth watching.

I want to apologize in advance, because there were some points in this video where the light was a little bit harsh on the camera but never too harsh that you aren't able to see. No one was home in my house today but my family was coming home soon so I decided to risk it and cum quickly on my family room couch ;). I started off with a very short strip then on my knees with my toy and finished off in doggy style position