ANR ABF nurse nipple stretch let down HD

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Lactationfreak88 Nov 24 2017

Some more nursing vids Sally. Hopefully see a female join in on the action too!

Jude Ryan - Top reviewer Oct 1
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Such a lucky man to get to suck on those glorious tits.

HD 1080p 60fps Video - I love having my nipples sucked, licked, and stretched. It's even better now because any time my hubby sucks n my giant nipples he gets mouthful of my sweet creamy milk. In this video Mr Anon sits kneeling before my magnificent giant breasts as I slowly release them from beautiful blue lingerie. Watch from the front as he begins sucking and stretching my nipples as I moan in pleasure. It's not long before he triggers a let down. You can see as creamy white milk drops from my nipples leaving sexy white droplets on my nightie. Mr Anon lovingly licks each delicious drop from my other nipple. After 5 minutes the camera changes from a front view to a side view so you can really see just how long my nipples can stretch as he nurses and suckles. It always feels so good and you can hear me moan in delight throughout this whole 10 minute suckling fest. Key words: autodrip nipple stretch wet sounds side view front view couple anr/abf front view lingerie huge boobs let down