Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Seducing and Using My Roommate


Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
11:06 min - Oct 18 - .MP4 - 308.18 MB


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You sit down on the sofa, decide to toy with me and exploit my obsession with you. You are not ready to go to bed. You feel horny. You see me getting awkward. You tell me you know how I lust for you and fantasize about you. You have found your used panties in the laundry soiled by my sperm. Have I sniffed them and masturbated, imagining your pussy? You know that I have heard you fucking other guys through the wall to your room. You are pretty loud, moan and groan when get fucked properly. Have I been jerking off in the next room when listening to you getting fucked, dreaming about what it would be like to fuck you? You see a tent in my pants. I am obviously excited. Would I like to taste your pussy? You wouldn't be together with me, and you wouldn't let me fuck you. But you are horny, and if I ask nicely, you could let me lick your pussy. My erection has already given you my answer. You take off your skirt and your boots, sitting in the sofa in top, panties and socks. You tell me to get my face in your crotch. Can I smell how horny you are? You tell me to start slowly, kissing your wet pussy through your panties, kiss your loins and your inner thighs. You get more excited, take off your panties, pull me back to your crotch, telling me to start kissing and licking your pussy. You are enjoying this, so horny. You tell me how to service your pussy, your lips, your clit. You push yourself against my face, use me for your pleasure. You want me to lick up all your juices, take all you give me, make my face sticky from your cunt juice. You moan with pleasure, need to cum, tell me to keep it up, keep licking your pussy and circle your clit, receive your enthusiastic thrusts into my face. And you cum, gasping with pleasure. You enjoyed that. I did well. You smile at me kneeling before you, face glistening with your pussy juice, and my rock hard cock straining in its tent in my pants. Am I desperate for relief? You will let me jerk off, tell me to drop my pants and underwear to my knees. It amuses you how horny and ashamed I am. You tell me to start jerking my cock, while looking at your wet pussy. You want me to make myself cum while watching you and my mouth filled with the taste of your horny pussy. Next time I hear you fuck in your room, I will remember your taste. And if I am really good, you might let me lick your pussy again. Perhaps I would like to come into your room and lick another guy's sperm from your freshly fucked pussy, just after he has left? This takes me over the edge, and I cum uncontrollably in a massive ejaculation all over the floor. You tell me to clean it up and give me your panties to sniff next time I jerk off