My First Real BBC

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British / London
14,678 4.0
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OatzMeal Nov 15

I'm so jealous...

Amba and bbc. made for each other!

Not bad, but still way too short of a video. Hope this isn't the last time we get to see you take BBC, at least.

Video is blurry and your face is not seeing. For a moment I doubted if it was you, Amba. The idea of seeing you being fucked for a big cock, excited me, but honestly I was expecting something different. I love you anyway!

Mond01 Oct 19

Nice vid I just wish that it was longer.

MeatxGod Oct 21
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It was nice but PLEASE STOP WITH THE JUMP CUTS, we don’t pay for it to see a fraction of the product. It was nice tho but release the full, unedited version

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Wow watching you take that BBC was a joy

Thank you ☺️

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