YOUNG MEAT - Part 1 feat Casey Calvert



American / Seattle
22:16 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 1.29 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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The first part of a bondage trilogy with an all-female cast. Stay tuned for the other two installments. ------------- Sometimes, as a robber, you get lucky. Sydney and Casey broke into a nice looking house just to rob the people of their belongings. But what they found inside was beyond their wildest dreams. Two hot young sisters living together. Of course, the two young siblings stood no change and in no time they were overpowered by the robbers. In this scene, Sydney has Miss Forbid all tied up, bound and gagged. She taunts her and explains to her what's about to happen. Both girls are about to get fucked, in all meanings of the word. Their possessions will be gone, they'll feel some strapons deep inside and after the robbery is over, both girls will be sold into slavery. But first, the fucking. Sydney takes Forbid over to the bedroom where Casey has already been prepping Charlotte, the other sister. Also tied, bound and gagged. Charlotte will take the first turn getting fucked while her sister gets a front row seat to all the action