My golden pee in a bottle, your lotion



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Straight from the depths of my pussy, warm and shining, pure and delicate: that is my most precious and intimate treasure juice. Angie´s golden rain is my personal gift for you, my magic liquid which will seduce your wettest fantasies and will stimulate your desire. Let me show you how I collect a very special sample of my pee in the toilet. See this little bottle? I will fill it and it will be for you. Watch now how I direct my vivid stream from my pussy directly into the bottle. You can´t let this delicatessen be flushed away down in the toilet! I want this luxurious essence bottle for you, yes. Don´t waste it. Very few privileged can enjoy its lustful power and benefits. Ration it properly as it deserves. Just use it like an amazing body lotion for your skin, specially for your cock, your hands, your face and even drrink it to get hottest effects. Spray it on your intimate fantasies and let yourself go. It will drive you mad, butr it will also let your skin smooth and moisturised like velvet. You will feel closer to me every time you experience its burning texture and nice smell. Its arousing and exciting properties will make you desire me even more. Show me your neck, I will spray a bit on you. Can you feel it? Ummmmm that is great. See how hard you are already. You love it, don´t you? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you never waste a single thing. HIGHLIGHTED: an exciting and very real POV when getting your neck sprayed with my pee. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW