Hiccups in the tub, desperate soaping



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Hiccups always comes in the worst moments, even those you use to relax and escape out of the world. It is so unpolite, it always shows up without asking for permission, it doesn´t care of you. Today I was having my relaxing bath, I felt like it hot because it is getting colder these days... and here we go! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hiccups again!!!! And it always stays long with me. You never know when the next convulsion will take place, and that stressful uncertainty is what makes me feel so desperate! My chest and my throat explode, and I must arm myself with patiente. Anyway, this is my moment, I try to forget hiccups and I want to enjoy the bath. Will you come with me? Keep me company, love. I am totally nude and wet, exciting, uh? I soap my body many times with my hands, I rinse my skin, I even burp sometime, I try to relax... to the rhythm of my hiccups. Shiiit! Fuck! Joder! I am a bit desperate, I am never able to get rid of it, but it vanishes when you least expect it. Same as it came... It never say good-bye. I see you laughing! Don´t laugh! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you want to soap my back. HIGHLIGHTED: I am a sweet girl, but sometimes I also have hot temper. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW