Bratty Princess makes you take shots

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Canadian / Toronto
99 5.0
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I've just purchased this video because I've started to crave being talked down in that special way of you. It feels fucking awesome imaging me on my knees on the receiving end. I wonder if I'm growing into a masochist. We will see what happens. I'm not worried though. Maybe because it feels too damn good. So be it. I don't want to miss it. Becoming a masochist who feels ecstatic by having to endure you. It doesn't sound like a bad thing to me.

Forget going out with friends, dr1nk on My command instead as you edge yourself (only when I say!!) Get ready loser. Grab the hard stuff and do shots on My demand. I'm a Bratty Hot Princess and I love making men become even more stupid for Me. Want to see My gorgeous voluptuous body? Then you'll have to do shots for Me! This video has tit worship, nipple teasing, ass worship, and foot worship. It is very mean, degrading, and humiliating! Can you handle it