Morticia Fingers and Fucks to Poe

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Jessica Starling

Maltese / Ontario, Canada
1,239 5.0
31:24 min - Oct 23 - .MP4 - 1.60 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Liquids Heaven - Top reviewer Nov 12
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Excellent intro and your curves really show in that outfit. As I was reading along I found myself concentrating on her full red lips. You get various views of her 32DD's and "Veggie Box" while she's fingering and dildoing herself. It doesn't say in the tags but there's a lot of inadvertent views of her well manicured feet. So all you foot guys take that into consideration.

I like this vid. You love to read, you're very dark and gothic. You were basically channeling yourself. I do wonder if this is how you get off when reading alone? hmmmmmm

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 25
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Hot video, and a very sexy Morticia

Morticia Addams is a BIG fan of Edgar Allan Poe. She finds horror stories romantic -- arousing, even. Morticia begins to read the story "Berenice" to Gomez, and finds herself getting progressively more turned on with each sentence. She begins to grope her tits, taking them out and playing with her nipples. Morticia gets so aroused a few paragraphs in she rubs her clit and encourages Gomez to touch himself with her. She fingers her wet pussy in different positions while reading, giving Gomez the perfect views of her body, trying to push words through her lips between her soft moans. As she nears the end of the story, Morticia fucks her pussy with a dildo, climaxing with Gomez at the gruesome finale. | Tags: big tits, big boobs, costume, cosplay, halloween, natural tits, masturbation, fingering, dildo fucking, orgasms, cumming