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357 5.0
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RawHideRide deleted - Top reviewer Oct 21 2017
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i want to tongue that winking farting dirty asshole for days!!!

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If you fantasize about being under a woman's asshole when she's on the toilet then BUY THIS CLIP! I love loosing myself staring at Bambi's farting asshole! This is a MUST buy video for fart lovers!

BetaBrent - Top reviewer Dec 10 2017
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Amazing clip, a must buy

Hey there my little toilet boy. I knew you would be here waiting for me. Just sitting there, waiting on me to come and feed you. When you see my plump ass ready to take a seat over your face, your cock gets so hard. When you see my tight little asshole start to pucker up ready to give you the meal of a lifetime you just about cum in your pants. Well it's time. Open up that mouth wide. Get ready to suck my fart down your throat. It's such a privilege to be able to be my little fart eating toilet bitch isn't it!! It's snack time bitch, get ready
Fart Time
Pretty Bambi
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