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CUSTOM: Slow caramel farts, prolapse

2,252 4.0


2,252 4.0
31:43 min - Dec 03 - .MP4 - 1.86 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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search_something Dec 15 2017

Thank you Mylene for this video, this is crazy XD

jockcock Dec 3 2017

omg baby! so so hot!

search_something Dec 15 2017
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So great video Mylene ! I am so sorry about the syrop.... XD you fart so great at the end and your gape is a monster during all the video O_O

Mylene Feb 17 2018


Thank you for sharing...! It's a custom video. I was asked to use some syrup and to make my ass fart and prolapse (without stretching it with fingers, so prolapse isn't that big ths time, if you want a better prolapse video, here it is:, and to fuck my asshole with a huge toy as well. The camera stays in the same position, just as I am. The syrup made me fart less intense, I prefer it without. The video is kind of slow in my opinion and for this reason I set up the price lower. I have better farting videos, like this one for example: Tags: caramel farts, farting fetish, prolapse, huge black dildo, BBC, big black cock, gaping, Christmas, 60 fps