Maja meets Alice Compilation No 6


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
22:15 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 1.06 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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This is the sixth compilation of the best scenes of "Maja meets Alice 85JJ" Part 17 and 23-25 (clip no 404, 807, 814 and 825) Alice doesn’t only show some of the sweetest smiles in Europe, she is also blessed with some of the most impressive natural breasts. Officially she is 85 JJ cup sized, but we believe her to be a lot bigger. The Romanian goddess certainly knows how to pose and bounce her super heavy tits in the most skillful way, looking innocent and sinful simultaneously, turning every boobman’s head. The first scene This is part 3 of this little shower serial: Alice and Maja shared a shower to get dirty, now it's time to wash each others huge titties from the chocolate milk. Another amazing clip of these two macromastic goddesses, not only showing their boobs but also their naked soft swimming-ring bellies. The second scene The first clip from the second Alice shooting shows her in a bright pink dress, a small pink bra shining through, her delicious soft tit flesh pushing against the keyhole cleavage. Playfully Alice bounces, squeezes, swings her massive tits to release them for your pleasure, true visual paradise. The third scene Maja takes a seat behind Alice to provide her with an intense oily breast massage. Both babes are topless, and get more relaxed as they move together closely, Maja’s soft naturals against Alice’s bare back and her sensitive hands, spreading oil all over Alice’s heavy soft tits. Would you like to slip in between? The fourth scene Alice's cleavage is truly amazing. As Maja cuts a deep neckline in Alice's shirt by and by, her cleavage gets longer and longer until her macromastic tits slip out to swing and bounce and to trap Maja's hand. A long player for a nice price