Trying Out Some Scissorholds


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
6:42 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 480.97 MB


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Billy is just hanging out watching TV, when in walks Olivia Rose. He is watching a ladies wrestling show. Olivia asks him if he really likes wrestling because she had no idea. He says he mostly likes it because of the hot girls. She laughs at him and tells him how she has done a bit of wrestling herself, and would find it a lot of fun to try out some moves on him. Billy is a little apprehensive, but agrees. She makes him scoot forward and then wraps her thick, muscular thighs around his neck. He immediately realizes he is in for it when she starts to squeeze. She squeezes so hard he turns red and then blue. Olivia finds this fun so she tries some other ways to scissor him by doing a reverse hold, side scissor, figure four, and just keeps squeezing. He taps on almost all of the holds, succumbing to her powerful and muscular, calves, thighs, and legs. She just loves showing how weak these men are in a playful manner! She keeps squeezing him and making him tap, until she feels she has demonstrated her abilities and then lets him get back to his show, stunned at what just happened