19yo Kentucky Cocksucker Eats Huge Load


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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19yo Kentucky Cocksucker Eats Huge Load -- FIRST PORN SCENE I met Claudia when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Word got out how this new submissive teen was eager to get her knees dirty. Directors were passing her around like a new toy. She loved it. From Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where she says there's "nothing to do but have sex." Been living on her own since 16. Made her own choices, she says. Has few friends but many buddies. Plays sports, sings, dances, and likes to have fun. Dropped out of school at 16 because her mother moved to Arizona and she didn't want to go with her. Tattoo on the back of her neck, meaning "Life." Mother has the same tattoo. They've moved on in their relationship but mom doesn't know what Claudia is doing. This is her FIRST SCENE! Loves swallowing cum and the taste of it. Loves to hear a guy moan. I ask her if she's ever had sex for money in the past. She says, "No," but the next words out of her mouth are, "But I've sucked off for money." Claudia was living in a hotel. Couldn't pay the bill, so she sucked guys off for $150-$200. All her experiences were good because she loves to suck dick. Guys could blow their loads on her face, in her mouth, or on her tits. She took a load in her eye, too, but says she "liked it all." Claudia denies having a pimp but says she had someone she could call if things went wrong. 36C boobs. Takes her jeans down and shows off her thong. I eat her ass and she giggles because it tickles. I thumb her asshole and she sucks it clean. Shaved pussy. Claudia says many guys she serviced couldn't last 10 minutes. Her head game is strong! Other work experience: selling lingerie and fast food. She drops to her knees to suck my cock. "Feel good?" Locked-on eye contact. Tongue bath to my shaft. "Tastes good." Hands-free head capped with deep gags. Begs for cum. Calls me "Sir." Ball licking. Facefucking. Synchronised hand-mouth co-ordination. She wraps her lips tight. "Let me taste your nut. Cum in my mouth! Let me taste it in the back of my throat. Let it drip back there. Please.....please. Just squirt it all in my throat! Please, I know you want to!" After securing a promise that she'll eat it all, I sling Spiderman-like webs of cum into her mouth. 3 sticky strands give her a cum goatee. She squeegees the mess with a finger and licks it clean. Teen cumslut, satisfied