SEX TRAFFIC 1 Bunny's education



Belgian / Bruxelles
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Loubfan2277 Jan 7 2018

Julie would you do ballbusting dressed like that with your Hot Chick heels? I think would be hot to see you kicking a slave's balls dressed like that, bare legs with those sexy heels

Sex Traffic is the beginning of a story where Julie Skyhigh is a sex trafficker. Young 19 years old girls are educated by Julie to become obedient and good prostitutes. At first, Julie is making them obedient. After, they are push into prostitution with their first customers. In this part one, a young 19years old blond, called now Bunny, will be whipped strongly by Julie. Dressed with very high heels, and nice lingerie, she will become a sex toy. Julie, all dressed in leather, with red and black 13cm high heels will become a sadistic pimp...Julie will break Bunny's mind