Naughty Maid Learns Her Lesson

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209 5.0
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gregtao - Top reviewer Nov 30
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This is an incredibly exciting video from start to finish, must see!

This was originally filmed as a custom video. In the sequel to Naughty Maid Takes An Ass Fucking, Fiona has clearly got too relaxed in her new position as maid-cum-sex-slave, as she's been dawdling at work. Her master arrives home early one afternoon to find that not only has Fiona failed to finish tidying the flat, but she's also failed to get her ass ready for him to use. Fiona is full of apologies but her master is having none of it, and decides she needs to be punished. Fiona is tied up and locked in a closet while her master decides what to do with her. After a while he opens the closet door and Fiona begs to be let out so she can please her master, but he tells her to be quiet and accept her punishment, or he'll have to gag her. He blindfolds Fiona and then teases and edges her, using nipple clamps, a flogger, and a wand vibrator. After she's begged sufficiently she is allowed to cum, but her master punishes her further by holding the vibrator on her sensitive clit even after she's cum, making her squirm and beg for it to stop, but he holds it there until she is unable to stop herself having another orgasm. Fiona is shaking and exhausted when she is finally released, but her punishment isn't over yet. Luckily now she seems to be getting into her punishment though and she enthusiastically sucks her master's cock, deepthroating and gagging on him as he face fucks her. Then her ass is plugged, and she is fucked hard until her master allows her a third orgasm. By now she is absolutely loving her punishment and begs for her master to cover her in cum, which he of course obliges