Freebie Tuesday

Squirting All Over My Blankets w/ Feet

1,668 5.0

DJ Deja Louco

Dominican / West Coast Living
1,668 5.0
9:33 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 1.35 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Make it rain! Love it.

All that was missing was my tongue on that clit

Damn, its okay for me to bust on your face like that then? ;)

Quesie Jan 6
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I loved it , with I could make you cum in my mouth though

OnHard258 deleted Nov 29
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Watching the cum run between her ass cheeks....I could watch this all day.

axlrxs Oct 26
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Perfect, and sexy. Loved every bit of it.

DragonLover21 deleted Oct 25
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By far the best one yet! Love hearing you moan as you played with your pussy and that delicious squirt at the end was amazing

AvgJoe76 - Top reviewer Jan 24
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As a squirt fanatic, this was just what I like. The title and description had me ready before I even got to the video. There is nothing like watching a gorgeous, sexy, woman squirt the way DJ Deja does. I had my mouth open, like it was gonna come through the screen.

Rubbing and stroking this pussy with wrinkled soles in the air until I just couldn't hold it in anymore! BEWARE: SHE SPITS BACK
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