Fetish Friday




American / Seattle
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I'll get you caught up on what you've been missing out on, and maybe teach you a thing or two. ------------ You've been missing from class for about a week due to illness. When you go see professor Sydney in her office to get caught up, she gets right into what you've missed. It's all about health and nutrition. You try to take notes and stay focused, but it seems like Sydney is a little distracted herself. She explains how she's been up on her feet all day and her toes are kil.ling her. She gets back to teaching about sle.ep and optimal functionality but it's obvious that her toes are really hurting. She needs to take a little break and stay seated throughout the class. You don't mind, you always like staring at professors Sydney's feet, and this is turning into a very distracting class. Sydney has her feet, covered in nylons, on top of the table right in front of you. How are you supposed to pay attention to what she's saying? Especially when she starts massaging her soles and her toes one by one? It looks like your professor might be able to teach you a little more than just health and nutrition