Woodland Faerie vs Demon Succubus

16:54 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 1.93 GB


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Halloween/Cosplay G/G Video. A warrior woodland faerie (FionaFox) and demon succubus (LillianWylde) battle after the faerie confronts me about seducing all the faerie men and stealing their magic. We fight, Fiona slowly succumbing to my dark sex magic. She is helpless as I collar her, then hold her down and make her cum over and over for me, losing her magic to me every time she cums (which is frequent). I attach a chain to her collar, putting the hook at the end in her ass. I fuck her relentlessly with my demon cock, switching positions. I complete the ritual to make her my slave, pulling out a double-ended dildo and using it together. I then take her with me as my slave, to serve me in Hell