Richard Fucks Annie POV Morning Quickie



American / Los Angeles, CA
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Welcome to the Richard Sutherland Sex Chronicles! Woohoo! Applause! Our next installment brings my friends Richard and Annie to that wonderful time in the morning when they wake up and are both horny. Richard is holding the camera while Annie is jerking off and sucking on his cock. She's a great multi-tasker. She is sucking him, stroking him, playing with his balls, AND licking his nipple. Talk about some skills! Richard's cock is nice and hard. He pulls Annie's big titties out and plays with them while she spits on his dick and sucks and slurps on it. She lets long globs of spit drool onto it while she gives him a hand job AND a blowjob at the same time. Richard is moaning and squeezing Annie's giant melon titties. She comes close to lick and suck on his nipples. Then she begins rubbing her giant breasts on his cock. Moving them up and down on them. She continues sucking and deepthroating his cock. She removes her panties and slides his big cock into her pussy. He's holding the camera so it's his point of view. Annie's sexy face and big tits riding him. She's bouncing up and down on his cock. They kiss while she rides him. Her giant tits are bouncing up and down. She turns around and starts riding him reverse cowgirl. He's holding the camera so it's his point of view. You can see her beautiful ass bouncing up and down while she pumps his big cock in and out of her pussy. She pulls it out and starts grinding on it back and forth. Then she puts it back in and starts bouncing on it some more. She gets on her back and Richard starts fucking her missionary. He's holding the camera so it's his point of view. You can see her legs wide open and his big cock plunging in and out of her tight pussy. Her breasts moving back and forth. She's rubbing her clit while he's fucking her and moaning up a storm. She cums in a nice sexy convulsion and squirts a nice stream of clear pussy squirt on Richard and the bed. Richard puts his cock back in and is fucking her some more. He pulls out and squirts some hot come all over her leg. Deeelish! He looks at the camera and says, "Whew! Good morning!" Haha! A good morning indeed