Earth Goddess Primal Power JOI Sex Magic


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
13:40 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 603.33 MB


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I am a God. I am Woman, Matriarch, creator. I am a powerful Sorceress. I know I turn you on- bones, breath, sweat, Power- everything that I am. This is a powerful erotic mesmerize and sex magick spell. I am wild, free, full of sexual passion. you wander this earth seeking purpose. My control is inescapable. I am made from Earth. Mindfucking layers of audio wash over you while I slide into My favorite latex gloves then untie My boots to reveal hot pink toenails & dirty captivating feet. I pluck you like a beautiful flower & hungrily eat you alive. I'm going to use you to increase My power in this ritual. I tease you, slowly pulling off My oanties- promising to make you cum for Me. Stare at My ass & fall deeper. I want to get dirty. I'm turned on. My body captivates you. Long slender legs & feet against the earth. Now you are enslaved by My spell. This is your destiny. Watch while I complete My ritual returning to the Power I draw from the Earth by penetrating Myself with this beautiful flower. I slidethe flower stem inside My pussy, instruct you to spit in your hand. I fuck Myself with the flower, returning to My Primal Power. I fondle the petals encased by the folds of My labia. Fuck your hand, slow at first. I am Fearless. I am hungry for you. My pussy has all the power. On your knees you worship, brainwashed, following My jerk off instructions & absorbing My mental domination. My legs spread wide, flower inside of Me, puling the petals across My skin- your cock can't resist- you ache- I show you what a True Goddess is, transcending all power. Cum for Goddess while I seal the ritual. I return to water, to earth. I bring you under with Me. The climax is enough to end you. Instead, I baptize you in the bliss of this blessed orgasm. Squeeze, push and pull until it hurts. Stare at My eyes, push it out. you will NEVER know what it means to be as powerful as Me. Lowly slave, object of Mine- you are lost forever in the folds of My pussy & My whispers & moans will haunt your dreams. (This clip contains elements of:jerk off instruction, JOI, goddess worship, femdom pov, erotic magic, sex magick, ass worship, latex gloves, glove fetish, body worship, dirty feet, pussy worship, foot fetish, feet, pedicure, female masturbation, female supremacy, mind fuck, mesmerize, magic control, masturbation instruction, boots, erotic, pussy play