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Bratty Jamie

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I walk in the house and notice my idiot brother is laying in the living room acting a little weird but then again when is he not weird? So I sit on the floor next to him and ask what he is doing. Well wouldn't you know the fucking twerp is touching himself in the living room of all places, did he forget he had his own room. So me being the bratty bitchy sister that I am tell him to let me see it after a bit of convincing he finally shows me. Well isn't that cute I say and awww poor him gets all embarrassed because he was never sure if he had a small penis but I just confirmed it. I can't let it stop there he needs to be humiliated for this. To the point that he cries, I swear I am doing this for his own good he can't be showing that useless tiny baby dick to anyone else so he needs this lesson in humiliation