Nyxon.. Strapped Pumped and Vibed

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Nyxon dressed in nothing but satin panties and high heels slips her arms into the sleeves of the leather bolero straightjacket. She gives herself a big hug and I pull all the straps tight, locking her in that position. She sits in the chair and I carefully and securely strap her in tight. First her arms around the biceps, then around her waist, then her knees and ankles spread and attached to the chair legs. Now she is fully immobile. I pick up the pump gag and insert the bladder deep into her mouth before pulling the straps of the panel harness securely around her head and face. With 3 full pumps, her mouth fills and she is quiet. Now completely helpless, bound and gagged, I tie a rope around the head of the vibrator wand and pull it under her crotch and tie it to the back of the chair. I tie another rope to steady the device and keep it centered. Nyxon looks at me with big eyes. She knows whats going to happen when I hit the power on the vibe. It is perfectly tied under her clit and she cannot raise herself off of it or shift her weight in anyway to avoid it.. Over the next couple of hours I take many orgasms from her, and do some breath play experiments with the pump gag. Poor poor Nyxon.. SPOILER- The most pumps I've ever given anyone before the airway was shut and they panicked was 5. Nyxon took 7