AgePlay: lg Caught Then Fucked By Daddy

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2,593 5.0
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Weefck69 Mar 10 2018

U should suck Butt plug or dildo while moaning like that I

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Great video. So naughty and hot. Katy is the perfect babygirl.

Little girl, Katy Faery, is sitting with her Daddy enjoying her time with him. She looks so adorable in her tiny Ninja Turtle outfit, cute binky, and hair tied in pigtails. Her Daddy lets her know that he needs to go get some work done, but Katy doesn’t want him to go. Katy starts to play with her stuffed toys, and sucks away on her binky as Daddy leaves. Once Katy knows that her Daddy is long gone- she starts to strip off her panties. lg makes sure no-one is looking, and begins to touch herself. She grabs a purple vibrator, and starts to put it inside her tight little pussy. Katy lays back and gets confortable, and fucks herself with her dildo. She moves the purple toy in and out of her pussy, moaning with every push. Katy's Daddy walks in on her playing with the vibrator. He is very upset to find his little girl playing with toys. "Where did you get this?" Katy explains she grabbed it from her Daddy's room. He tells her that she's not ready for those type of toys...and she needs to learn a lesson. Katy's Daddy starts to spank her with the dildo, and then with his bare hands. Katy screams out, "Daddy!" as he smacks each cheek. Katy's ass is glowing red after her Daddy finishes spanking her ass. "What else has Daddy told you?" Katy moans out, "Only my Daddy can please me!" Katy tells her Daddy that she was feeling all tingly, and she likes it alot. She asks if Daddy can help her out, and satisfy her hormonal urges. He shoves his fingers into her pussy, and Katy starts to moan louder. Katy cums all over her Daddy's fingers. Katy lays back on the bed, and her Daddy shoves his cock inside of her tight little pussy. Katy moans out as he thrusts in and out of her. He cums all inside of her pussy, and it slowly drips out. "Remember next time, no toys...Just ask Daddy.&quot