Nyxon.. Spiderwoman Bound

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SpiderWoman is on the prowl tonite looking for the creep that keeps eluding her.. The Hangman! She gets a lead that he's in the neighborhood, so she flies in to investigate. Upon entering the grounds, she starts to feel lightheaded. KO gas! Too late SpiderWoman, you fell right into Hangman's trap! SpiderWoman opens her eyes slowly. "What is happening to me? OMG I'm all tied up!". She struggles hard, but the exceptional rope harness does its job and keeps her helpless. As she struggles, she can't help but notice the crotch rope getting tighter and tighter!.. "That's right SpiderWoman.. Its a little invention I came up with just for you! The self tightening elasti-rope! Don't struggle too hard, that rope is serious stuff!" SpiderWoman tries her best to free herself, but the rope tightens and she has to slow down and conserve her energy.. "Room getting...dark.. again.." Once again our helpless heroine succumbs to the KO gas. Spiderwoman opens her eyes. She sees that Hangman has concocted another full batch of his cruel elasti-ropes and has harnessed her whole body with them while she was under the influence of the gas!.. "Struggle is futile SpiderWoman! Between my elasti-ropes and that power muzzle ball gag, you will be quiet and helpless to stop my evil plans! HAHAHAHA!!&quot