Freebie Tuesday

Amateur BellyButton Harassment CUSTOM

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Petite cutie, Katy Faery, is hanging out with her boyfriend...wearing nothing but a tiny black and white flower bikini top, and black Victoria’s Secrets panties. Katy's boyfriend goes in to kiss her, and right before he kisses her - he starts to tickle her belly button! Katy begins to giggle, and pulls back. "What are you doing?" He laughs, and continues to tickle her belly button. Katy laughs, wiggles around, and tells him to stop. "Why are you being so creepy?!"  Katy's boyfriend keeps tickling her belly button, even when she tells him to stop. He runs his finger over her belly, and tickles her belly button again. "Why are you doing this? Stop!" Katy continues to struggle, and is confused on why her boyfriend is harassing her belly button. "I didn't know you had a weird belly button fetish!" Katy yells and tells him that it makes her stomach feel weird, but he doesn't listen. Her boyfriend just keeps on tickling her belly button with his finger. He grabs her belly button with his fingers. "I know it's an outie, okay! It's not weird." He grabs her belly button and pulls on it. He walks his fingers across her belly, and tickles her belly button. Katy struggles, and begs him to stop the entire time - and he never lets up. "Are you done yet? Haven't you had your fun?&quot