Belly Button Hiccups CUSTOM VID

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Katy Faery has a bad case of the hiccups! She shows off her belly, and belly button...running her fingers over her belly button and stomach. Katy moves the camera towards her face, and shows off her face & body. Katy continuously has the hiccups, and goes right back down to her belly..playing with her belly button as she hiccups. "God, I hate the hiccups!" Katy hiccups, and plays with her belly button...frustrated that she has the hiccups. Katy shows off her face again, and with an annoyed look- she tells you how much she hates the hiccups. Katy plays with her belly button, again, pulling on her outie belly button, and squeezing it between her fingers. Katy pulls her belly button apart, and circles it with her fingers. Katy keeps hiccuping... She shakes her head side to side, and waves goodbye