Freebie Tuesday

Just Fapping: Orgasm Overload

248 5.0

Kennedy Cinders

American / USA
248 5.0
19:45 min - Oct 19 - .MP4 - 252.91 MB


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If you love redheads or beautiful sexy girls with perfect bodies then you're going to love Ms. Cinders

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Another in the "Just Fapping" series, and another video full of passionate intimacy. Whenever Kit refers to her videos as "porn," I always tease her and say they're actually "erotic art." There is truth in the tease, however. Even in Kit's most basic videos, there is an openness, honesty and authenticity that raises what she creates to genuine art. Sensuality, elegance and sweetness are present in everything she creates, and her goodness as a person magnifies her heart-melting physical beauty. As always, highly recommended.

I build up to multiple orgasms in this one, starting with a simple leg tie and teasing myself before securing my hitachi with the rope. With it secured next to my leg and against my clit, I cum multiple times til I'm left shaky and out of breath