Dominating Outdoor Giantess

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Sexy, petite hooper and Giantess, Katy Faery, is outside in nothing but a tiny Jessica Simpson bikini set. Katy is twirling around her hula hoop, completely unaware that you are watching her closely.  You sit in the grass, and spy on Katy hooping. "What.... What is that?? Is that a little person?!" Katy immediately scoops you up, and puts you in the palm of her hand. "What are you?" Katy asks where you came from..and if you were spying on her. She looks very confused at the thought of a little person running around in her yard, spying on her.  "What a little perv!" You tell Katy that you just wanted to take a quick peek at her ass, and she is highly offended. Not knowing how you are going to return to normal size, you beg Katy for forgiveness and help to grow into a full-sized person again. Katy refuses, and tries to figure out just what exactly she wants to do with you. She caught you spying on her, so there must be some form of punishment..."What if I....ate you?" Katy opens her mouth wide, and pretends to stick you down her throat. Katy laughs, and tell you that she doesn't plan on eating you...yet. Katy throws you on the ground, and begins stomping on you with her giant feet. "Maybe I can get you to clean in-between my toes?" She continues to stomp on you with her big feet. Katy turns around, and smothers you with her giant ass.. then turns around again, and makes you lick her giant pussy through her bottoms with your tiny tongue. Katy picks you back up, and decides what else she should do with you. She ponders eating one of your legs, and decides not to. "I think I want you to clean my feet again." She tells you to get in-between her toes with your tiny tongue and lick all of it clean. "You're not even doing it right, maybe I should just squish you." Katy turns around again, and smothers you with her ass. She decides that you enjoy that too much, and picks you up again. Katy decides that she is bored with you, and she wants you to be her little workout snack. "You'll never spy on anyone again...ever!" Katy opens her mouth wide, and you fall helplessly down her giant throat